What’s Your Favourite Season?

We all have one or maybe two, so what’s yours?

Spring and Summer are always a struggle for me. My anxieties rise and I wish for it to race along so I can breathe again.  I have phobias, overpowering phobias and I don’t do heat and I just find it all a bit, dare I say it…..boring.  Blue skies are lovely, but nobody ever described summer weather as exciting!3-10

So for me, Autumn and Winter are amazing.  I love the dark nights and the drop in temperature, putting the winter duvet on and wearing jumpers and thick socks.  There is something calmer and cosier about Autumn.  I get to wake up in a room full of orange glow as the sunrise happens late enough for it to be my alarm. Walking to school listening to Mr Robin making his presence heard. Slowly things start to change, the colours on the trees, waking up to find the world has mysteriously vanished into a blanket of fog, spiderwebs everywhere draped in watery jewels.

So tomorrow when you leave for work, lift your head from the floor and look up. Look at the clouds and the leaves and the spiderwebs and tell me it’s not beautiful.


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