We are one!

Can you believe it? Pretty Vintage Life is one year old this month.

This time last year, we were caught up in such a whirlwind of excitement. It was all so new and we had so many ideas.

We produced some great articles. I look back and I’m so proud of what we have achieved.

For a start, we are still here! That’s an achievement in itself. Have a look around – most blogs don’t survive a year. It’s a really tough thing to sustain. We did good.

It’s been good to get Linda on board and I know many of you have enjoyed her tips on good places to go and eat and books to read etc.

We don’t publish as regularly now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that. It’s been a busy time with work and other projects, but it’s really reassuring to know that Pretty Vintage Life is always there. It’s a great platform to share all those things that are exciting us right now.

A year on is a time to evaluate. We’ve covered plenty of life and a fair few pretty things too. Maybe less vintage than we would have liked but I still believe that is something we are going to grow into. The possibilities are endless. I know what I admire and what draws my attention. I’m heading in the right direction. So watch this space for more vintage love!

Thanks to everyone who has joined us on our adventures, to all those inspirational women out there who have agreed to be interviewed, to those of you who have posted comments and generally been supportive.

This is a good ride. We always intended for it to have a feelgood factor and I think we’ve done pretty well at creating that vibe.

It feels good to be entering our second year. I love this space and I know many of you do too.

Happy birthday, Pretty Vintage Life!


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