The top ten things we love at Christmas

Sometimes we’re far better at pointing out what we don’t like about Christmas than what excites us about this whole season. So here’s our top ten Christmas highlights to inspire you to think about yours.

Helen R:

  1.  Getting Christmas out of the loft
  2.  Twinkly lights – candles or fairy lights, I’ll take either. Or better still, both.
  3.  The smells – the spices, gingerbread, mulled wine…
  4.  Snow – the way it muffles the sound and makes everywhere seem otherworldly and magical
  5.  Opening the stockings – always been the favourite moment of Christmas Day in our house
  6.  Boxing Day – the relief and relaxation and eating up the leftovers
  7.  That moment where the real reason for it all hits me between the eyes – ‘the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight’
  8.  Those occasional glimpses of  that Christmas spirit that seems to bring out the best in everyone
  9.  Unboxing new things – going through my box of gifts and having a good look at each one and taking it out of the box/trying it on for the first time etc
  10.  Opening the tin of Quality Street. It has to be Quality Street. Nothing else is the same.

Helen H:

  1. Making the house all christmassy.
  2. Boxes of chocolates and bottles of wine mounting up on the kitchen bench.
  3. The advent tree counting down.
  4. The traditions, all different in all houses but all key to making Christmas special.
  5. The buzz, listening to others and feeling the excitement build.
  6. Watching Shrek the Halls before bed on Christmas Eve.
  7. Singing Christmas songs a lot!
  8. The table we eat at every day being that little bit more fancy.
  9. Sprouts and Chestnuts.
  10. Doing it all again on Boxing Day.


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