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Linda has recently retired. She now has the time to embrace life, laugh a lot and do all that she loves. Discover what that looks like for her and let her adventures inspire you…



Fascinating night out tonight as the guest speaker at the Rotary Club was Brian Bernie. He set up Daft as a Brush. This caring charity organises travel from door to door so that cancer patients can be taken from home to hospital. After his wife had cancer treatment, he saw an opening for a charity to transport patients to their treatment. Lively anecdotes about his early life in the East End of Newcastle were amusing. His passion for giving and helping is rooted in his early life. From this, he sold Duxford Hall, bought an ambulance and expanded to a fleet of twenty two ambulances. The volunteer drivers, with a great personal touch, transport patients for chemo or radio therapy from the Scottish Borders, Northumberland, Yorkshire, West Cumbria and local areas. This fantastic help allows people to arrive for sometimes daily treatments. He is driven and passionate about helping and caring. Great night!


Well I never thought it would happen, but Homes under the Hammer has been replaced by My Dream Home and then further relegated by Fixer Upper, my latest obsession in house programmes. For those of you looking bemused, the first is set in GB and renovates houses for rent or sale. The second takes a doer upper house, priced well under a budget, leaving a healthy amount to complete the house reno to a top spec. It is set in the USA. The two brothers who deal with the sale and building work have a comedic relationship with constant competition for oneupmanship. My latest favourite is Fixer Upper. Set in Waco, Texas, a married couple transform hovels to stylish homes with a country ranch/farmhouse flair. They make me laugh, specially on demo day. This is when he guts the house ready to fix and for his wife to design and develop or decorate to a fab style. They truly look amazing. However when he kicks walls down, literally, through sheet rock or plasterboard and often misjudges it, he falls through floors, jumps up and over anything. He does anything for a dare, even eating a dead cockroach, yuk! It makes me laugh when she takes him to a reclamation yard for antique architectural delights, whilst he appears in crazy outfits. His antics are hilarious at times.


linda-9Poppies are a glorious flower that symbolise WW1. Creative ideas have exploded over the past few years to raise money. The visual sea of red from the ceramic poppies outside the Tower of London was echoed by the Weeping Window sculpture of red poppies at Woodhorn Colliery. Both are stunning. On a smaller scale, an individual poppy can now be sewn, knitted crocheted, made from metal, plastic or enamel. It is such a creative way to raise money. I love it.

I try to live, laugh and love each day xxx


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