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Linda has recently retired. She now has the time to embrace life, laugh a lot and do all that she loves. Discover what that looks like for her and let her adventures inspire you…




the-joineryRecommended by a friend, today I set off for The Joinery at Burnopfield. Just before the Hobson Industrial estate, hidden on the left is a cafe and gift shop, promoting homemade cakes and pieces of joinery ( of course! ) A pasted palace of wooden tables and chairs painted in pretty pale colours greeted me. The staff were extremely friendly. They were quite happy to allow me to order decaff skinny milk one shot coffee with chocolate sprinkled on top. Well it was either that or green tea with a slice of lemon. The cappuccino came in a large, pretty mug – very good value for money. The coconut cake was soft and tasty. I shall return regularly, as it’s a great local cafe, which I have to support (and test all the types of cake). Handmade gifts were on sale, too.

My friend Rosie bought me a book called The Rosie Project. Quietly chuckling at the thought of her husband with his scientific job echoing the protagonist’s science job, I opened the book. That was where the similarity ended. Deciding he needs a wife, this guy creates a 16 page survey and sets off on a mission. On meeting Rosie, he rejects her but eventually fate interferes and they become a couple. This book made me laugh out loud a few times. Its hilarious observations of life with someone with Aspergers are brilliant. Even on the first date, he conducts an experiment, as his date only likes apricot ice cream for her pudding. He orders mango and peach ice cream, as no apricot is on offer. He turns to do a blind taste test on her but discovers his date has gone. Oops! I cannot remember when I last laughed so often at a book and resorted to reading parts aloud!

Last weekend, I looked at the brilliant blue skies and thought ‘coast’. Every now and again, I need to walk on the sand, paddle in the sea and gaze at the azure sky. I always feel chilled and happy after a visit to the coast. I love it! The scavenging seagulls, the excited chatter of children and the happy faces, not to mention the decision to have a picnic, fish and chips or even just ice cream, all add to the fun. We are so blessed in the North, living so close to the sea. Alnmouth is just divine.

I try to live, laugh and love each day xxx


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