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Linda has recently retired. She now has the time to embrace life, laugh a lot and do all that she loves. Discover what that looks like for her and let her adventures inspire you…



linda-11This week has seen me return to an old favourite, namely the Ravensworth Arms Hotel at Lamesley. Mostly, meals are a joy here. Only the odd time has a meal been under par but after over twenty years, that is fine. Today, lunch was lovely. I chose pulled pork sandwiches with barbecue sauce on malted bloomer with chips and winter salad garnish – soft, succulent and wholesome- and that is only just the bread! The not overpowering barbecue sauce, tasty melt in the mouth pork and crunchy salad were delicious. Lunch for two Thursday and lunch for four Friday were so good that I had the same on both days. I love that there was plenty of room. I was relaxed, not rushed, and they serve green tea with lemon. Accompanied by great friends and catch up, I had a fab time. The twinkly Christmas lines of lights set a welcoming atmosphere.


Well, I now go walking with my friend and her dog. The phone call that wakes me up and invites me to walk the dog is like a starter’s pistol. Soon ready, off to Watergate Park, I set off with a Staffie called Badger and Marj Ridley, my friend. Always wary of dogs, I walk with one eye out for even larger dogs and the other for their deposits. I am getting more used to dogs bounding up. When you don’t grow up with dogs or pets, it takes a while to happen. I think dog walkers form their own circle or society. Walking the same routes, it is easy to greet regular walkers. One friend who always had a dalmatian fell ill and had a stay in hospital. Her visitors enquired about her progress briefly and then voiced their real concerns. They asked who was looking after the dog. They offered to walk, feed and care for the dog. Ha ha! Another friend, Rosie Gilbert, has people who greet her when out and about and know her as the ‘labradoodleowner.’ I never thought that dog walking would be so much fun.


Tonight I am watching a film called The Revenant. I read the book some time ago. It portrays the harsh life of fur trappers in Montana and Dakota. It’s loosely based on the real life story of Hugh Glass, who was savagely mauled by a bear as he escaped from the Arikara . At first he was carried away, but was then left for dead. He came to and realised he had to move. Hampered with a broken leg, a back sliced open, he crawled away. He was 200 miles from home. The film charts his progress as he lives only to get revenge on the man who left him for dead. It is violent and bloody. I enjoyed the book and the film. I find it easier to read about the violence than to watch it. The winter scenery is breathtaking. It also heightens the difficulty of travelling even when fit, let alone when injured.

I try to live, laugh and love each day xxx


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