Live, Laugh, Love with Linda



Linda has recently retired. She now has the time to embrace life, laugh a lot and do all that she loves. Discover what that looks like for her and let her adventures inspire you…



One way I spend my time is with words. For those of us who grew up with Scrabble, we know how much fun making words can be. I was invited to play ‘Words With Friends’, a Scrabble app. I began with one game with one friend. This soon grew to six ongoing games with the same friend – we were hooked! One day, waiting impatiently for the other player to recharge her tablet, I decided to play with someone from the app, not really thinking about the jump from a known family friend to … a man! I was shocked but hungry for another game and so began playing with another Words With Friends app member. One year later and twenty five games on the go at any one time, I am besotted! My husband complains he is an app widower.

lindas-walkMy dearest friend has asked me to join her on a charity fundraising Alzheimer Walk again. How is that a laugh, you ask? Well, last year’s first event participation saw me walk five miles. I never even noticed I was walking. Five miles of non stop talking, laughter and joke cracking, wit and repartee – the time just flew by! If you are asked to do this, my advice is to go with a fun loving friend. Such a great way to spend an afternoon. Oh did I mention we raised £300 between my friend, three family members and myself? It gave me a feel good factor, was great exercise and hilarious fun.

I love to lunch, coffee and cake. The Hearth at Horsley is an intriguing place to lunch. Innovative soups and inviting cakes are a great reason for a visit. It’s a great place to stop off to look at the interesting work of local artists and crofters which is on display to view or purchase. However, as competitive as I am, my real love is the triangular peg game on each table. Like solitaire, you take a peg and hop over another. The challenge is to end with a single solitary peg. I love this game. I have only won once. Such are the small pleasures and victories in my life.

I try to live, laugh and love each day xxx


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