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Linda has recently retired. She now has the time to embrace life, laugh a lot and do all that she loves. Discover what that looks like for her and let her adventures inspire you…




One of my favourite days out is a day return train trip. Last week, I went to York. 9.42am is a very reasonable time to catch a train. My friend and I chatted for the seventy minutes non stop, as it was at least a week since we last met up. Walking round to the cathedral in the sun is like a triumphant march.

linda-4The York food festival filled the square from Brown’s to the far end. We found the demo marquee and sat in the front row. The cook Hansa Dabhi bustled in, set up and cooked two vegetarian curries. The overhead mirror gave a great view that matched the cooking smells and running chat about the food. The samples afterwards were delicious. As a cook, over the last thirty years, she’s used only female cooks not chefs, no diplomas, only recipes handed down from grandmother to mother to daughter, in her restaurant in Leeds. Her whole ethos was fascinating. Next was a glorious Italian lunch in the conservatory overlooking the garden in Lancashire Vecchia Scuola. Then after a short stroll along The Shambles, we headed for a boat cruise. The late afternoon sun reflecting on the river was delightful. Choosing coffee and cake at Bettys and then a return train, I arrived home, chilled and carefree.


I have to confess I enjoy watching singing and talent shows. Switching on America’s Got Talent to watch the finale, I was happy to see ‘Tape Face’. This slim man with spiky hair and blackened eyes to highlight many expressions had made the finale for his funny act. There is a large strip of tape over his mouth. Yes he does not speak at all. For the finale, the song ‘Lean On Me’ played. Using four male contestants, Tape Face sat the men facing the four walls. Tape Face wandered around them, building an air of expectation. He tilted them and helped them to lay back, interlocking an arm. The shock and confusion was hilarious, as they folded down into a human origami box. Then Tape Face removed the folding stools to leave the four men boxed in, held up by legs and arms. Shocked and unable to move, they gasped as Tape Face checked his drawing. I screeched with laughter. Briskly replacing stools and lifting the men up, they were also laughing. It was so funny. Each week his innovative ideas have amused and charmed me. Pure slapstick all done with facial expressions!


Drive through Stocksfield, turn left and three miles of country roads later, you will pull into Wheelbirks Parlour. After vegetable soup, the main star beckons. I love ice cream in any shape or form! As the farm keeps jersey cows, the ice cream is luscious. Raspberry honeycomb with strawberry was my choice. My friend chose peach and raspberry. We sat quietly; consuming, comparing, sighing. Of course we visited the baby Jersey calves in the barn, with their velvet brown eyes. They regarded us, then disregarded us as they chewed hay – such beautiful creatures. I now have to take my husband to visit the orchard and the barns, and of course test another two flavours. Haha !

I try to live, laugh and love each day xxx


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