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Linda has recently retired. She now has the time to embrace life, laugh a lot and do all that she loves. Discover what that looks like for her and let her adventures inspire you…



Now that the old walkway area by Debenhams to the cinema has been recently developed, there is a new restaurant area crying out to be visited. Of course, I just had to oblige! This week Marj and I set off for a shop and food. After a quick blast round two shops, we headed for the food. ‘Somewhere new’ led us to Thaikhun, a street food style eating house of Thai cuisine. Rustic planks covered the walls with shelves of rusty petrol tins. My much travelled friend confirmed it was like an authentic Thailand restaurant. We sat down to choose from the special menu. A very helpful young lady oversaw our order. I had the starter of vegetable spring rolls and my friend had pork dumplings. Then came my Thai green curry with reduced spice and Marj’s chicken Phad Thai Gai. I loved my curry. Service and food were good. Feeling full, we set off to walk off some calories to finish the shopping. Yes, I would go again.



Some things just make you feel happy! Today was Gibside Chapel’s Christmas Market, so I dragged the other half out with the promise of coffee and cake. After a short walk, we returned to the market area, just as the steel band came out to play. They started with ‘A Message To Rudy’ a fab ska rhythm by the Specials. It was a great uplift for those who had been warming themselves over a hot drink. Suddenly, a small boy began bouncing with arms flailing to the beat. I too felt the urge to dance as the catchy tune radiated out. I looked around. Everyone was smiling. Some were tapping. Arms were waving to the beat and all were animated, the cold ignored. The band was great, as they hammered out the rhythm on the steel drums. Smiling and laughter was the order of the day! You just could not help yourself feeling happy.


I love to buy one very nice tree decoration as a treat every year. This year, I settled on a glass penguin from the Gibside Market. A flat piece of glass, cut into a penguin shape four inches or 8 cm high, had been decorated on one side. White paint coated one side. Onto this grey paint had been drizzled. Splattered on the top half was a sparkly black paint. A silver elastic cord provided the means to hang it.
I love it. It is beautiful and understated, until the light catches it. Each one is individual. Each one is a memory. Each one reminds me of where I bought it. This one is a Gibside Chapel memory.

I try to live, laugh and love each day xxx


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