In praise of yellow

As I walked past Warehouse yesterday afternoon, I glimpsed in through the door, as you do (especially since the blouse I bought there before Christmas has attracted so many positive comments) and yes, I can testify that yellow is in!

Hurray! Because there is something about the colour yellow that lifts my spirits. We need more yellow in the our lives. Here are some of my random thoughts in praise of yellow.

Yellow symbolises Spring. I’ve always focused on green before and that sense of new life that it signifies, but look at all the yellow flowers in Spring. It’s like nature telling us to wake up, savour this awakening, live life to the full.

This zest for life is embodied in lemons. My fruit bowl is always predominantly yellow right now. As I sit here with my early morning lemon water, I reflect on the revitalising boost that lemons can give. Lemon water reminds me I’m alive. It sets out my intention to live fully and live well every single day.

Yellow makes everyone smile. At the yoga workshop I went to yesterday, everyone commented on the daffodils on the table and then on the bright yellow tops my friend and I were wearing. Yellow draws the eye. It brightens the mood. My vest top from Asquith is called Lemonade. I love that. Full of fizz and zest – just like me when I’m exercising!

Yellow is hard to wear, but when it’s done well, it’s stunning. Yellow is the colour of LaLaLand for me. Emma Stone in that stunning bright yellow dress. I’m not sure I could get away with it, but next time I see a bright yellow dress in a shop, I’m sure going to give it a try!

When I saw Martha Graham’s last work ‘Maple Leaf Rag’ in New York last week, I was blown away by the costumes. She was 96 when she created this work – 96! – and yet it is so full of humour and life and positivity. The costumes were designed by Calvin Klein – yes, the Calvin Klein. Each dancer in a different colour leotard and skirt and the female Principal in bright yellow. I couldn’t help but smile throughout (just as I had done in LaLaLand) – something in these works draws the sunshine out of my soul.

Yellow was my Dad’s favourite colour. He never explained why. But when we visited his graveside this week to remember him one year after his death, it felt so right that my sister brought an abundance of bright yellow flowers – daffodils, roses and the weirdest tulips I have ever seen! It reminded me of the day of his funeral – a bright sunny spring day with a sense of life in the air. A sense of resurrection – new life – my dad’s new life.


I now have a yellow item of clothing to wear. My friend knitted me a vintage style little scarf – in bright yellow. She even used one of her original vintage labels from back in the day when we first met. The scarf is that lovely warm bright yellow, like the middle of a creme egg. It’s my splash of yellow on any outfit.


My splash of pretty.

My splash of vintage.

My splash of life.

You have to be feeling bold to wear yellow. It draws attention. It gets you noticed. Maybe that’s why most of us avoid wearing it. My friend obviously thought I could carry it off. Well, if ever there was a time, this is that time! When I wear that scarf, it will set my intention for the day.

I am bold. I am alive. I am going to live life to the full today.


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