Forever young

forever young

Of all the photos of our fabulous weekend away, this is my favourite by far.

Yes, I  know my head is a bit chopped off and my dress is hitched up a bit too high and well, knees are ugly – all knees are ugly.

But I love what it represents. The feeling that it encapsulates.

In that moment, I was eight years old. Completely absorbed in what I was doing. Completely unaware that I was having my photo taken. I was in my own world. My own happy place. I didn’t care what anyone else was doing. Whatever anyone else thought of me.

I was relaxed and happy and having a whole lot of fun.

I love the spotty wellies and the tie dye dress combo.

Most of all, I love the stance. Sturdy. Determined. Focused. Strong.

In moments like that, we can be forever young. Time stands still. Age is meaningless.

Moments like that cannot be manufactured. They’re magical. They come from nowhere. Unexpectedly, we are suddenly caught up in the magic of the moment. And then all we have to do is go with it.

Marvel. Wonder. Savour and enjoy. Let go. Forget.

Immerse ourselves in the here and now.

Connect with that ‘forever young’ corner inside each one of us.


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