Eight lessons we can learn from Autumn

  1. Chase the winter sun. Be like a bird. The birds have this nailed – those that migrate, that is. If disappearing off somewhere warmer appeals to you and is an option for you, then go for it! If not, when you catch a glimpse of winter sunshine, then get out in the fresh air and soak up the rays! In Autumn, some birds arrive and others leave on migration – it’s a time of change. We see kids off to university for the start of a new year – it’s a time of change for us too. 28-10-2
  2. Go colourful. Be like a sunrise. Skies can be dull and grey and mists can seems to draw colour out of the landscape, but then there’s those glorious sunrises and sunsets, the autumn palette of leaves, the luxuriant, dark berries….rich, warm colours to counteract the grey. The colours of autumn are simply beautiful. It’s time for us to embrace these colours in our wardrobe too and ditch those shades of grey.
  3. Sleep more. Be like a hedgehog. Back in the day, people got up when the sun rose and went to bed when the sun set – so they slept longer as the days got shorter and shorter. We have artificial light now and so have lost touch of this. But nature hasn’t. The animals sleep longer as the days are rapidly getting shorter. It is OK for us to do the same.
  4. Let go of stuff. Be like a tree. The trees do it. The leaves fall. It’s a natural cycle of life. It’s a bit sad to see all these beautiful leaves on the ground but the old has to make way for the new. That’s how it works. So it’s a great time to declutter. Get rid of not what’s necessary  – in your home and life and schedule – so you can focus on doing what you need to survive. Emotionally too – let go of what is holding you back and make way for the new.
  5. Prepare. Be like a squirrel. Do what you need to do to get ready. Winter is coming. Get what you need to survive the season. Shop early for Christmas if that’s what it means for you. Stock up while you still have the energy.
  6. Get cosy. Be like my dogs. They do the exercise they have to do but the rest of the time, they snuggle in under soft, fleecy blankets. They burrow their way in and build a cosy home. They stay warm. They only go out when they have to. Wild animals out there get ready for the cold of winter by developing thicker coats. It’s time to get a new coat.
  7. Eat blackberries. Be like a badger. Badgers love blackberries. Of course, Autumn is a time of plenty with berries, fruits, nuts and seeds everywhere. Plenty of seasonal food to enjoy and many wildlife species take advantage of this wild harvest to build up reserves of fat for migration or for hibernation. There’s a wide array of autumn vegetables too. So eat seasonally and enjoy apples and onions; blackberries and butternut squash; carrots, cauliflower, and kale; parsnips, pears and pumpkin. Basically delicious soups, stews and stewed fruit.
  8. Join together. Be like the crows. At this time of year, many birds form flocks. Look at them flying together to woodland roosts on Autumn evenings. Because they know that life is better together. More fun. Find something to celebrate and have a party! Get together for a meal or a film night. Enjoy each other’s company. Draw strength from each other. And laugh.




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