To match or not to match: that is the question

Welcome to our version of the Great Matching Underwear Debate. One of our great debates. One we will never agree on.

So Helen H is basically ‘Why wouldn’t you?’ and Helen R is basically ‘Why would you?’

But that’s a really short article. So let’s unpack it a bit further.

Helen H: I was introduced to matching underwear when I was about 14. My step-mother bought me a set for Christmas.  The most beautiful and delicate ivory satin with tiny pink roses……It was pretty and feminine and I loved it.  From that point on, I have only ever bought matching sets and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Helen R: I was never introduced to matching underwear. Never even considered it was a thing. Not a thing for normal people anyway. My underwear was plain and functional and reasonably priced. I don’t remember ever even going for a bra fitting in my early years so I’ve no idea how I knew what size to buy even.

Helen H: So our outward clothes are to make us feel special and unique but our underwear not so?  No, I want all of me to feel special.  Putting on matching underwear is a very important part of my getting ready routine.  Functional is not a word I have ever associated with knicker shopping!

Helen R: Why waste money on stuff that most people are never going to see? I’d rather spend my money on the clothes that express me to the outside world. It does come down to money for me, I guess. So the other week, I was measured for a bra, chose one, picked up the matching knickers and then discarded them before I got to the till. £9 for a pair of knickers? I don’t think so! I just can’t do it.

Helen H: See, right there…..why would you pay decent money for a lovely bra and not buy the matching knickers? Makes no sense to me at all!  I buy the lovely bra and 2 pairs of matching knickers (see, I can be logical too).  And as for nobody seeing them……YOU see them……Who are you dressing for?  I am not a great fan of my body, but I do accept what I have and wearing matching is making me feel better about me…..Like I’ve put the effort in……for ME.6-5

Helen R: Well, to be honest, I’m not a great fan of lovely bras either. I do agree that wearing the right bra is important – not for what you look like in just that, though, but for what you look like when you put clothes over the top. Being measured recently and being advised what kind of bra is right for me has made a big difference to how I look in clothes, I think. So now I have the same bra in three different colours – nude, grey and burgundy. There. Sorted.

Helen H: You’re right, a good fitting bra is a must, but that doesn’t have to mean boring. That just means you know what to look for.  You know what size shoe you are but don’t only own one type! And as for cost…..I do not have money to burn, nice sets can come from anywhere….Asda, Primark, you don’t have to spend masses to feel special. I just know that if I spot a nice bra, I immediately look for the knickers to match.  I don’t want to be practical. I want to be matching.

Helen R: OK, so it’s not just about money. It’s also about being organised. The thought of having to find matching bra and knickers in the morning stresses me out. I am not that organised. Maybe it’s simply that I don’t care enough about it to put in the time and effort. I am getting a little bit closer. I now have a variety of grey knickers to go with the grey bra, burgundy to go with the burgundy bra etc. But even that level of organisation falls apart at times and today it’s black knickers and burgundy bra. And that feels absolutely fine to me. I don’t know what all the fuss is about! You wouldn’t even know if I hadn’t told you!

6-5-2Helen H: But you know, and it really doesn’t take that much organisation…you run a house with loads of kids, surely you can sort your knicker drawer!  You really would feel better haha.  I’m not going to change anytime soon. I love matching and I love looking for new underwear and I am slowly introducing it to my kids…..This is normal in my world and I really don’t get it your way.

Helen R: Well, I don’t get it your way. I have limited time, energy and resources and am not about to waste them on searching out matching sets of underwear! It’s just not my thing. Deal with it. I’m fine with it being your thing. What I don’t get about this, and I don’t mean just you here, is that people who are into matching underwear are so judging of us that are not! Like we’re subhuman or something!

Helen H: I’m not judging……If you want to be weird, that’s just fine haha. Each to their own and all that.  But I bet there are more matching people than not…..But are they brave enough to reveal where they stand?

Helen R: I really think I’m in the majority here, not you. Not sure we will ever know for sure, but we can both leave this conversation feeling like we’re the normal one if we want…

Helen H: I have a list of people I know are on Team Matching.  Anyway, now on to bedtime attire……………



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  1. amanda May 11, 2016 / 10:17 pm

    Definitely feel better in myself if matching, but am not a slave to it.

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