Love the way you look: Imogen


Name: Imogen Mansfield

Instagram: @imogenski



Have you always been into clothes? How did you dress as a kid?

No, I was never one of those kids who steals their mum’s high heels and lipstick, and I’ve never had any interest in following trends. My interest in clothes and style has developed as I have matured and grown as a person, though I’ve never really thought too much about what I wear.

Who over the years has influenced and inspired the way that you dress?

I love people watching and I am always so inspired by other people, especially when I visit new places and experience other cultures. My mum is another influence. I always wear her velvet shirts from the 80’s – she had some amazing clothes. Another influence and inspiration is The Beatles. I love their music and style, and I have a pretty extensive collection of John Lennon inspired sunglasses.

How would you describe your look?

Colourful, cosy, creative, quirky.

Would you describe your look as vintage?

A mishmash of vintage, new, and handmade.

How do you define the word ‘vintage’?

Vintage to me is any item of high quality clothing from generations passed. The thing I love about vintage clothes is that each item has a story, and has been loved by someone else. I think vintage clothing is an art, and it’s really cool to own something truly beautiful and unique that you discovered stuffed at the back of a thrift store.

Where do you buy your clothes from?

I love to explore vintage stores whenever I’m visiting a new place. I was dancing in Berlin a few weeks ago and spent hours getting lost in vintage stores! I love to buy clothes in different places in the world, because that item will always remind you of the experiences you’ve had there. I also use Etsy, because you can type in any random thing your heart desires and you will probably find it! My favourite vintage stores in Newcastle are Flip Vintage, and The Yesterday Society, as well as the many huge Vintage fairs and Weigh and Pay sales!

And where would you never, ever dream of shopping for clothes?

Primark. Unoriginal, unethical, mass-produced clothes. I recently watched The True Cost, and I realised just how awful the working conditions are in fast fashion.

What was the last item you bought?

A pair of vintage Levi 501s from Flip Vintage in Newcastle.

And what’s the favourite piece of clothing you’ve ever owned?

Blue velvet Doc Martens. Or a super cosy, bright blue stripy jumper that I never take off – my mum hates it.

What do you think the way you express yourself through your clothes says about you?

That I am crazy, a bit of a weirdo, don’t take myself too seriously, and I enjoy life.

When you wake up in the morning, how do you select what you are going to wear that day?

I don’t! I am always half asleep when I’m getting ready in the morning. But my go-to outfit is always Levi 501s and a vintage t-shirt, plus Doc Martens (obviously).

What’s your most important accessory item – bag, scarf, jewellery etc?

Doc Martens are the only shoes I ever wear, I don’t feel like myself without them! Socks are also really important to me – I can’t dance well if I’m not wearing a good pair of socks.

What do you think your look will be in twenty years’ time?

I hope it will be colourful, unique, and interesting.

Whose look do you really admire right now?

Margaret Zhang, Camille Rowe, Leandra Medine, Djuna Bel, and Maria Kochetkova.

What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to express themselves more in what they wear?

Don’t think – just do! I never think about how a new item will match and coordinate with the rest of my wardrobe. Just buy what you love and are drawn to, and then experiment.



‘Be an expression of yourself,

rather than a reflection of the rest of the world.’







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