Hardcore Princess

Oh how I love my new skirt……It’s completely over the top and completely impractical, but oh my, it’s beautiful!

I have a big party coming up this year, well big(ish) birthday.  As a rule, I don’t do parties or the big celebrations, but this year, I’ve decided to push the boat out.  And because of this, I require the most special and perfect party outfit!…..Because after all…….It’s all about ME ….Haha.

I knew straight away what it was I was looking for. I knew exactly the style I wanted to go for.  But actually finding it was really difficult.  There seemed to be lots of choice in the US but hardly any over here.  Or, my other option was to make it myself…..Now I like a bit of craft but this was way out of my league.  Anyway, after hours of looking I found it, the exact thing I’d been searching for. It was stunning…..and available in loads of different colours! How on earth was I going to choose?  I wanted them all, they were all so pretty and so girly.  I’m not really a girly girl, I do try every now and again but generally I end up feeling ridiculous.  So end up sticking to jeans and Converse or Dr Martens……But not this time, this time I’m going full on girly and I’m super excited.

7-3Now, I normally like to open my parcels in private (don’t ask) but I just couldn’t contain myself when it arrived.  I was like a small child at Christmas. I just couldn’t stop smiling, hoping that it would be exactly as I’d imagined it would be.

And it was, the right length, the right fit, the colour was perfect (I went for grey in the end).  Within minutes, I was wearing my new Charcoal Grey Tulle Skirt over the top of my jeans and Dr Martens, prancing around the living room…..twirling and laughing and grinning.  I felt like a hardcore princess.

It’s so easy to slip into the same old clothes, the ones that we are comfy in, the ones that are reliable and practical.  But I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to be a little different and wear the things that I love or that make me feel special.

Maybe we should try it….go shopping and buy something special or different….or look in our drawers and wear something we had maybe forgotten about.  I love the way clothes can make me feel and shopping is one of my favourite hobbies!


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  1. Jo March 19, 2016 / 5:04 pm

    Great idea…always good to share..look forward to reading .. Assuming this is Not the skirt you ordered..or is it..!! I love it either way??..I’m intrigued what’s next xx

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