Hardcore Princess………Part 2

I knew the look I was going for months ago.  Far, far away from what I normally wear, far away from the comfy everyday clothes. I planned and planned. I scanned the internet stealing ideas from all over the place. I wasn’t going for “pretty” or “beautiful”…..those are never words I would use on me.  More “special” or “unique”. 19-8-49

I wrote about my skirt in an earlier blog……… Hardcore Princess……The skirt made me feel amazing – so amazing that I bought it twice, in black and grey from Kirsty Doyle.  Next came the shoes…..these had to be a statement.  I’d pondered the idea of Irregular Choice shoes for years but never actually got around to buying any. This was my perfect chance to indulge.  Choosing which pair would prove way more difficult than I’d thought, but eventually I found them, not too high (I’m already quite tall and very rarely wear heels).  They had to have a bow and flowers and maybe some mint green if at all possible…….It was as if these shoes were made for me.20-8

Then it was pretty simple – 2 tops and a tiara lol. Honestly, every girl should have a tiara at least once.  I’m from an era that didn’t do prom and I had the teeniest wedding ever.  My party was the excuse to wear all the beautiful things I’d ever wanted.

And it worked.  I put on all these individual items and felt amazing, special and confident.  Like this was the me I was always meant to be.  Realising that my wardrobe needs a full overhaul and I need to feel this good everyday……OK, maybe not everyday but more often.  I love that clothes have the power to make you feel completely different about yourself.  I now have to find a way to make tulle skirts practical all year round.


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