Three Loves 4


Linda has already treated us to a series called ‘Live, Laugh, Love with Linda’. I’m sure you will have found inspiration to get out there and enjoy life, as I did. To keep it fresh, we’re changing it up a bit and now concentrating on some of Linda’s other main loves. We’ll discover what those are as we go along!



Near the bottom of Whickham/Swalwell bank stands Pedalling Squares, a cycling cafe that is ideal for refuelling if cycling. I made a stop off there with my patient other half. Id been meaning to try this cafe for a while.┬áThe coffee was good, but the dime bar cake was divine. It was also a hefty slice – I hadn’t been cycling, you see, but I had achieved two hours of gardening and a visit to the tip. So whilst part of me wondered if it was a bit too much, I argued with myself that I must have a low blood sugar level! The decor was interesting with plenty of cycling memorabilia. I did feel a little guilty that I hadn’t cycled there, but I soon got over it. I knew when I returned home, I could take pride in viewing my gardening handiwork. My other half’s lemon drizzle cake was “moist and full of flavour.” Could this be a treat after further excursions? Hmmm.



My choice of book recently for the book club I attend was ‘Neon Rain’ by James Lee Burke. Set in Louisiana’s bayou, life is hard and full of crimes that the alcoholic detective has to solve in his unique violent/moral way. As this book is his first, it feels raw. So armed with a mixture of comments, I decided to reread all his books with the detective Dave Robicheaux. Oh what fun! I do love Burke’s style – shocking at times! Life is cruel and violent in the swamps. He contrasts his storyline with glorious descriptions of the weather and the luscious vegetation of the setting in New Iberia. I am five books in and book number two is shining so far. I don’t very often reread books but I am finding this great fun, as I rediscover gems.



Yesterday I watched the Lego Batman Movie. It was a good laugh. The obligatory child I took with me enjoyed it more than me. I was comparing it with the first Lego film which was brilliant. Did you see that? It was full of adult jokes. It became a child’s film that adults grew to love due to the humour. In fact, when I saw the first Lego Movie, over half the audience was adults and the atmosphere was electric. This movie had a lot to live up to. This audience was much younger. Batman, as a loner, had to learn to work with a newly acquired family to return the villains to captivity. From being a pompous ‘I am the greatest’ person, he had to learn to work with others. The special effects were great! An enjoyable 90 minutes were spent in pure escapism. I do love a good children’s film.


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