The story of a lump of sugar

This is the story of a lump of sugar. The size of a lump of coal. This wouldn’t be a story without it.

11-5-3The story starts on a train from Kings Cross to Newcastle a couple of months ago. I was tired. I was hungry. I couldn’t decide what to eat. The refreshment trolley came along and I found myself drawn to a packet of popcorn. Sweet and salty. My favourite.

I noticed the packaging too, because I’d just started out blogging on this site and considered the design delightfully vintage. So imagine my dismay when I discovered a lump of sugar in the bag. An inedible lump of sugar (the thought of eating it did cross my mind). Maybe if I hadn’t been on a train, things would have been different. I had a lot of time to think, you see.

I was cross. The lump weighed a lot. And popcorn is incredibly light. I started imagining how much popcorn I’d actually missed out. So when I got in, I weighed the lump and calculated that the packet and lump combined weighed more than the actual popcorn.

Now I’m not one to complain, but I felt thoroughly cheated. So complain I did. In the nicest possible way. With a photo and cheeky message on the Poshcorn Facebook page – which yes, carries through on the delightfully vintage feel.

I got an immediate response –

So sorry. We’ll pass this on to our Customer Service team.

Pretty much what you would expect. The response from the Customer Service team took a lot longer, however. Even took some chasing up. I wasn’t going to let it lie.

crispsSo eventually a Tyrrell’s box arrives at my door and I open it excitedly. I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t three bags of Tyrrell’s crisps and popcorn. I expected more.

But hey ho, I’m not one to complain, as I said. As a family, we very much enjoyed our free snack selection. And yes, the taste is great. And yes, the packaging is proper cool. And yes, I would buy Poshcorn again.

And the point of this little tale? I don’t know really. Don’t be drawn in by pretty packaging. Pick your battles. Complain when you feel you need to. Chase up for a response. Be satisfied with your complimentary gift.

Maybe there is no point. I just liked the story and wanted to tell it. That’s about it, really.


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