It makes you want to join a choir…

It makes you want to join a choir…

That’s what my friend who came with me said at the end of the concert. That is inspiration. That is Inspiration. That is what this choir called Inspiration is all about.

A choir that welcomes ordinary people like you and me to sing with them. The only requirement is that you love singing. And there are plenty of people who do, apparently. Over two hundred here, who are willing to commit to regular rehearsals, hours of private practice, a long day on concert day – and all because they are passionate about singing.

You can see it on their faces. I can see it on Helen H’s face. This is making her happy. Really, really happy. She is radiating joy. This is her place. She is singing her heart out. She’s giving it her all, totally transfixed by the conductor, completely obedient to his every command. She trusts him, knows that he can bring the best out of every individual and turn this group of individuals into a glorious whole, a musical force.

17-7aThe waves of voices in unison and in harmony wash over the audience and we are soaked in the ebb and flow, the crescendos and diminuendos, the changes of rhythm and changes of key. The programming is perfect – all works that will inspire and rouse the audience. As the choir perform, they sing every word as if they mean it.

Don’t stop me now – I’m having such a good time.

They urge us to climb every mountain and make them hear you.

They remind us that we are astonishing.

Don’t stop believing.

They challenge us to dare to dream.

I dare to dream. I can’t stop staring at the violins. They draw me in. I started playing the violin when I was eight years old. I played in orchestras until I was 28. I need to play in an orchestra again. That is my place.

Last night, Inspiration lived up to its name.

Gary Griffiths, the musical director inspired. The Royal Northern Sinfonia inspired. Cliff Lee, the signed song interpreter inspired. Hall One of the Sage inspired. The soloists inspired. Les Miserables and South Pacific and The Beautiful Game inspired. And of course, every single member of this wonderful choir inspired their friends and families who had come to support them.

That’s what music does. It unites. And it inspires.

Thank you for the music.




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