How to be a creative

The number of people who say to me ‘I’m not creative’…

It’s not true!

Everyone is creative in their own way.

Tidying out a drawer this morning, I came across this handwritten list – no idea where I got it from, sorry.

How to be a creative:-

  • Helen on beachlearn to watch tadpoles
  • refuse to be ‘responsible’
  • cultivate moods
  • drink sunsets
  • laugh a lot
  • stamp out conformity
  • read everything
  • amaze yourself
  • giggle with children
  • be ridiculous
  • listen to older people
  • drive away fear
  • study something in nature for an hour
  • play with everything
  • entertain your inner child
  • spend two hours in a library for fun

All sounds pretty good to me!


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