Do your own thing: Rebecca

Name: Rebecca Cabaniss

Business: Padding Paws Gateshead

How did you first develop a passion for what you do?

I’ve loved animals all my life so running a dog walking and cat sitting business allows me to spend more time with animals.

What were you doing before?

I was working in retail.

What gave you the courage to step out and do your own thing?

My friend Jeff told me my idea could work and gave me the kick start help I needed.

What have been some of the struggles along the way?

Physically hard work, not always having enough work, sometimes having too much and juggling.

What do you love about what you do?

Absolutely love being out in nature and love my doggies and cats.

What’s made you feel proud of what you’ve achieved?

That I’ve been able to run a business and seen it grow! I’ve gained a lot of confidence along the way.

What would you say to another woman contemplating doing her own thing?

Go for it ! You’ll not regret that you at least tried.



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