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Doris Day was 92 on April 3. And what did she do to commemorate this birthday? She shared an exclusive picture of herself. Looking great. And her dog Squirrely. Looking equally great. Because on the lap of most beautiful, healthy, happy women, there is a dog.

This is how she feels about birthdays –

I’m not really fond of birthdays any more. Age is just a number. How you feel and live your life is more important.

Exactly, Doris.

And this is how she feels about dogs –

Her biggest birthday wish is that every four-legged friend have a warm bed, plenty to eat, and lots of love.

We couldn’t agree more. Although just over two years ago, I would have been writing a different post. Because at that point, I hadn’t had the privilege of living with a dog. I didn’t get it. I really didn’t. But now I do. Now my two lurchers, Dempsey and Elsa, mean the world to me. Now I put up with all sorts of inconvenience and expense and anxiety, because they are worth it. The way they welcome me when I come through the door. The way they look at me. The way they race around the woods, darting in and out of the trees. The way way they snuggle in next to me on the sofa. I would never have imagined the way they have changed our world.

Rosie feels much the same way –

Having a dog has changed my life – much like having children did. I’d never had a dog before and didn’t feel like I needed one but gave way to pressure from my husband and daughter who had wanted a dog for 27 years. I had given up my job and so had no excuse and we, or rather my daughter, started the search for the right dog. Nelson, our miniature labradoodle, was brought home in a small cardboard box next to me on the backseat of our car and on the long journey home gazed at me in a way that just melted my heart.

So move over, men! This is the truth of it. A dog is a woman’s best friend!

jude and louieAnd you don’t need to just take my word for it. These women couldn’t agree more.

Rebecca with her black lab Gus (11 months): He gets us out the house and as a couple helps us to spend more time together. He brings laughter ( at him) and calmness. He takes away loneliness as he is always there and always around to greet you. Coming home to him after a hard day at work is the highlight of my day.

Michele with Cilla, her Jack Russell, who is nearly 3: I love having a dog as it means I have no choice in getting some exercise each day, she is so loving and protective good watch dog. Hearing dog (not trained) she just seems to know I have problems and lets me know when the phone is ringing or someone is at the door, there is so much unconditional love from a dog they don’t judge you or answer back, would not be without her.

Great for those of us who sit in front of a computer all day, then.

Zoe with her French Bulldog Olive (4): Having a dog is great because as a freelancer I can easily sit at a screen all day but Olive forces me to get outside, get some fresh air and take time to relax. The best thing ever is taking her to a park or lake on the weekend and taking it easy. Another great thing about having a dog is the unconditional love. She is the most cuddly of things and just wants to sit on you and sleep under the duvet with you… your heart can’t help but melt xx

And great for meeting other like-minded people – other women who are crazy about their dogs!

Kirsty with her 2 Labradors Vigo (9) and Bruce (4): They’re both great companions. They make me get off of my backside and outside at least twice a day which is great exercise but also helps me to meet new people when we’re out walking. 

There’s a theme developing here already, isn’t there? Us women love our dogs. They push us to get out of the house and get some exercise. They are a constant companion. They greet you enthusistically every time you return to the room.

So this whole ‘getting us out of the house when we really don’t want to’ is a good thing, right?

Amanda with Ben, a 9 year old Golden Retriever: I have had good times on mindful walks in countryside when my instinct is to hibernate. 

Definitely a good thing then. These women’s dogs certainly helped them when they really needed it.

Susan with her shih-poo Elvis (1 and a half): I got him when my depression & anxiety were so bad that I didn’t leave the house for over 6 weeks. Having him gives me a purpose, a reason to go out & has helped me meet new people.

Sheila and her Yorkshire Terrier, Ruby (8): Ruby is my best friend, my constant companion. She helped me pull through a bad time in my life when I lost my husband who she also loved and missed. She was my reason for getting up in the morning she took ME out for walks and has helped me rebuild my life in my lone status .
Ruby gives ME unconditional love . She is my life.

And it’s not just taking a dog out on your own that’s great. Dog walking can bring the whole family together.

Ros with Miley (7), her Labrador/collie cross: From the moment we brought her home, she drew us all together as a family. Going for walks (which I am certain we wouldn’t have done together without a dog ) playing with her, discussing puppy training techniques, arguing about training ! Everyone would be anxious when she was hurt or unwell, just like having a baby to nurture between us and that brought a lot of unity. Possibly due to the ages of our kids as all adults then. Miley is super sensitive to atmospheres and cannot bear anyone raising their voice. It helps prevent loud exchanges (sometimes!)

Lorna would agree with the above women – that having a dog has been great for her and the whole family.

Lorna with her 8 month old long-haired Golden Retriever, Riley: Our wee golden boy is so far: good company, my saving grace during this winter occupying both mind & body keeping anxiety & depression @ bay. Motivation for getting fitter, on the beach exercise. Our family have bonded over having a dog – the best thing we have done as a family by far !! 

I think you must be getting the picture by now!

And as for the company they bring…Ros has had major heart surgery recently and ‘I have loved having Miley at the end of my bed while resting these past few weeks’. 

Our dogs bring us joy and peace and comfort and love in a way no human ever could.

Jude with Louie (9): deaf and blind in one eye … Still a joy x 

Helen with her Shih tzu Monty (5): He appreciates the quiet times with me x

Lesley with her Westie Barney (7): The best thing ever is to get up in the morning to kisses and a wagging tale, coming in from a busy day and just getting the best greeting ever….

Sandra with Missy, her 18 month old Jackawawa: She is the baby of the family, we all adore her. She shows you so much love especially when you come in after being out even for the shortest time. She makes me feel calm and relaxed …most of the time. And even tho she yaps a lot at strangers I love how protective she is.

Gill with Maggie, a 6 year old black and white cocker spaniel: She is only one who consistently is happy to see me when I get up or get home, her love is all cupboard love though!

No, Gill, you can’t say that! Our dogs love us for who we are, not the food that we’re going to give them if they look at us with those puppy eyes……

And so our dogs are a blessing. And sometimes we get to share that blessing with others.

Rosie with her miniature labradoodle Nelson (5): Because he was such a quiet placid dog and has a lovely soft, curly coat, he has become a good PAT dog (Pets as Therapy) and together we visit two homes for the elderly and people with dementia. I felt we had been blessed by having him and I wanted to share that blessing with others. People always smile when he comes into the room and I hope he helps to brighten people’s day. He certainly brightens our lives.

That’s great, isn’t it?

And I’ll tell you one more thing. We all love talking about our dogs! Never have I had so much response so quickly to a research request! We all think our dogs are the best. Obviously. We all think our dogs are the most beautiful in the world. Just like our children! We love their weird and wonderful personalities and we want everyone else to love them too.

Tracy with her two Shih tzu girls, Izzie (2) and Ava (1): I love my dogs so much. I get lots of pleasure just watching their quirky little ways. Izzie was the runt of the litter but I loved her so much as soon as I seen her and just had to have her. She has had a few problems and has had to have a few operations. She is quite small compared to other shih tzus. She likes her own space and often likes to go in another room to sleep or probably to get away from Ava. Ava is the total opposite. She is boisterous cheeky, mischievous and a villain but I would not have her any other way . Izzie lets Ava go so far then puts her in her place. She may be little but she is boss. 

And so yes, I’m with Doris. Age is just a number. It’s how we feel and live our life that matters. Walking through life with your dog at your side is great. Sitting with your dog resting his head on your lap is great. Thank God for dogs, that’s all I can say.

So go and find your dog now. She won’t be far away. Give her a treat. Tell her how much you love her. Spend a moment studying her beautiful features. Give her a kiss and a cuddle. Never take her for granted.













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