My Corner of the World

We all have our own space, don’t we? That place where we can escape to, our “Do not disturb” place.  Well, when we decided to build a sunroom on our house, I immediately knew this would become my space.  I would sculpt this space into exactly what I needed it to be and so far, I love it.  I mean, don’t get me wrong. I do let people in, but I know that none of them get this space the way I do.

It’s so bright, surrounded by large windows, really bringing the outside in and that’s what I wanted, the feeling of being outside, not being restricted by walls and lines.  I love to see nature happening in my garden, birds flying over and thinking that this place is cool enough for a stop over! Plants and birdfeeders and lights…..sounds awful….but really it’s not.

31-3 I wanted that but on the inside, like a continuation, making everything connected.  But it had to be calmer and more subtle. I’m no fool (or so I’d like to believe). Those colours were never going to work.  I wanted tranquil, peaceful, to be able to walk in and feel at ease. So the walls are a pale grey and there are splashes of the purple from outside in here too. I made sure that wherever you sit in here, you get to see something from outside. There are no bad views.  And the birdhouses, which are my favourite part from the garden, also have their place inside.
All very random – some gifts and all loved.  I can imagine the birds coming and loving them.  Every time I come in, I look at them, almost checking to see if any birds came to visit.  I love that when people see them, they love them too.Your home is your space. A place to express yourself, that you never have to explain why. You get to show a part of you that maybe no-one will ever see.

The only person that has to love it is you…….let your space shine.



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