Blackberry Schnapps

My party planning is coming along brilliantly and it’s all getting very exciting.12-6a

Today I made my Blackberry Schnapps.  Here’s how I did it just in case you’d like to make some.

You will need:

1 litre of plain Schnapps, I get this from Tesco.

1 large punnet of Blackberries (you can choose any fruit you like).

12-6a-23 or 4 dessert spoons of caster sugar.

A large air tight jar, I get mine from Ikea.

That’s it, that’s all you need and it’s really simple.

So here’s how:

Put the fruit into the jar along with the caster sugar.

Pour in the Schnapps.

Close the jar.

Give it a good shake.

Then leave it in a cool, dark place.  The longer you leave it the better the taste.  I would suggest anything from about 2 weeks to 6 months.

Once you are ready to drink it, simply strain the fruit and pour into a bottle of your choice.

Then enjoy!


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