Berry Oaty Breakfast

At Christmas, we decided to get a smoothie maker……yes, I know, jumping on the bandwagon, but why not?  To be fair, we are quite a healthy family. We don’t often overindulge. We’re not really into fast food.  But for me, the  biggest struggle was breakfast.  Now I’m sure I’m not alone.  I wake up and apart from a cup of tea, I’m really not interested in eating anything.  Problem is my mornings are chaotic and by the time I do get round to eating, it’s more like brunch.

So I have totally embraced the whole smoothie thing. I’ve done lots of research into good combinations and healthy options. I have looked into using foods that were missing from my diet.  And there’s something great about just knowing that the food you’re putting into your body is actually doing you good.

I’m going to enjoy sharing some of my smoothies with you and the great thing about that is the recipes……or rather the fact that there really aren’t any set recipes.  Smoothies are great for just throwing stuff in……add a little more…..leave that out…..whatever.  And there’s no waste.

Lets start with my Berry Oaty Breakfast…….



2 or 3 Spinach Leaves

Half a Cup of Blueberries (frozen)

Half a cup of Raspberries (frozen)

4 dessert spoons of Porridge Oats

3 dessert spoons of Raspberry Yoghurt (I use Yeo Valley because it gives the nicest, creamiest flavour)

Top up with milk (more or less depending on how thick you want it)


Now blitz it until you’re happy.

I like mine as smooth as possible.

It really is that simple and it tastes amazing.


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