About Us

Two Helens. Each with five children, two dogs and a cat. Each with a passion to live life to the full and be their own person. Each with a desire to remain young at heart. The best of friends.

And that’s where the similarities end. Physically very different. Very different tastes in pretty much everything. Polar opposites in almost every respect. Helen R loves the sun. Helen H hates the summer. Helen H is fascinated by the moon. Helen R cannot see what all the fuss is about. Helen H would always sing. Helen R prefers to play. And occasionally dance. Helen H takes photos. She’s a photographer. She sees life through a lens. Helen R writes. She communicates life through words.

And yet they’re still the best of friends.

Over the last ten years, these two Helens have learnt to disagree. Have learnt to be honest about what they want from their friendship. Have learnt from each other. Have benefitted from seeing things from a completely different perspective. And now they want to express and combine these very different perspectives in one place – this blog.

About this blog

We are ordinary women who do not like being described as ordinary. We want to create a blog that is for women like ourselves. Ordinary women who yearn to be extraordinary. Who live with a sense of fun and who embrace creativity. Who never want to settle into a comfort zone. Who want to take risks and have adventures. Who want to be their own person and not let other people’s expectations dictate what they are and what they do.

Pretty Vintage Life is about sharing all that is good in life. It will not be about the everyday struggles but about the simple pleasures. About making practical, affordable, achievable choices that are life-giving and joyful. It is for grown-ups, yes, but grown-ups who know how to listen to their inner child. We’ll show you what we love to wear and places we love to go. We’ll tell you about all the great things we’ve seen and heard and read. We’ll share what we’ve had a go at making, ideas and dreams and special corners of our world. We’ll introduce you to some ordinary, extraordinary women. We’ll hopefully make you smile and giggle – and try something new.

So why pretty?

Helen H: I like to think that I have pretty on the inside, a bit girly, a bit pink and way more sparkle! But somehow everyday practical stuff just gets in the way.  So this is where that part of me gets to escape.

Helen R: I have spent far too many years being sensible and practical. When you have young children, you always pick the most straightforward, easy, comfortable option. Pretty doesn’t get a look in. I love pretty. Not often pink. Not particularly floral. Not extravagant. But feminine. Fun. I intend to embrace pretty.

Why vintage?

Helen H: Hmmmmm, Vintage, like old but better.  The two words old and vintage stir completely different images in my head…….I much prefer the vintage ones!

Helen R: If you came to this site looking for a particular style of vintage, you may be disappointed. Sorry. I’m not a fan of a particular era, but I love to embrace styles from across the decades. My wardrobe and my home are an eclectic mix. There’s something about vintage that attracts me, but I’m a real novice. And then I am quite vintage – a good vintage, I would like to think!

Why life?

Helen H: Living life to the best, making the most of what you have, doing the things you like.  Stop thinking about the things you’d like and make them happen.  Make this life you have been given the best it can possibly be.

Helen R: Well, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? None of us are simply defined by our style, our home, our exercise regime. Our life is a totally individual mix of all that we are and all that we do. That’s what I want to share with you. All that is good in my life.